Bringing You Quality Reclaimed & Upcycled Pieces

Grotto was created in 2023 by two friends, on a mission to promote sustainable haircare. Our journey began with offering brands boasting strong sustainability practices, good ingredients and admirable social values.


Following our launch, we began designing our own hair accessories from dead stock fabric with the help of a hired seamstress. While our initial joy came from providing customers with quality haircare, our passion evolved, leading us to dive deeper into sourcing sustainable materials, designing our own products, and curating second-hand fashion.


Today, Grotto no longer sells haircare products, but instead offers a carefully curated collection of vintage and modern wardrobe essentials, along with our own line of upcycled accessories.


In a world grappling with the repercussions of fast fashion - impacting the environment, human rights, labor rights, and animal welfare - Grotto is committed to driving positive change. From overproduction to the challenges of textile waste, chemical dyes, synthetic fibres, unsafe workplace conditions, underpaid and overworked garment workers, child labor, to profit-driven animal exploitation, its an industry we want to see change. Every purchase from Grotto is a conscious step towards doing exactly that!


Sydney & Caitie / Founders